J.J.W 02   Wever & Ducré

J.J.W 02 Wever & Ducré

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Designer : Jules Wabbes ( 1919 - 1974 )

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Jules Wabbes (1919–1974) was a Belgian interior architect. Born in Brussels, Wabbes began his career as an actor and after several other jobs eventually opened an antiques and decoration shop in Brussels. He then started to create his own furniture and was chosen by several Belgian administrations to design and create functional furniture.

In cooperation with Belgium's famous architect André Jacqmain, Wabbes designed the interior furniture of the Foncolin Fonds colonial des Invalidités and the Glaverbel buildings in Brussels. Other works included the fittings of the Science Library for the Universitécatholique de Louvain, the fittings of the Sabena airplanes and the fittings of the United States embassies in London, Brussels,Dakar and Rabat.

Wabbes was awarded several prizes, notably at the Milan triennal fair and he was considered at that time as one of the most talented Belgian interior architects.

All his works are based on the expression of pure quality with excellent material (plain wood, metal). He is especially famous for his office desks, tables and casts.