Sampei Davide Groppi

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Marque : Davide Groppi


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Sampei is a unique floor lamp with a design inspired by a fishing rod. With it's simple and sleek design the Sampei gives a graphical effect with great functionality from it's many adjustable features. Use the Sampei for lounge areas, lobbies, restaurants, retail shops, private residences etc.

Incorporated transformer with dimmer

 SAMPEI 230  hauteur 2150 mm

SAMPEI 260   hauteur 2350 mm

 SAMPEI 290  hauteur 2600 mm
SAMPEI 440  hauteur 3900 mm

 Finition  Blanc Mat  Noir Mat

2700K - 1808lm

3000K - 1890lm

CRI >90
Entrée 220-240V - 50/60Hz
Puissance  21W
Matériau  Fibre de verre - Métal
Remarques supplémentaire  Disponible en version 110V