Mod. 1063

Mod. 1063

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Marque : Flos

Designed by Gino Sarfatti, 1954

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Gino Sarfatti Model 1063 Floor Lamp by Flos Lighting. The Gino Sarfatti "Modello 1063" was designed in 1954 for Arteluce. The most iconic piece of the Gino Sarfatti Flos lighting collection is probably Mod 1063, a classic floor lamp with reflected and diffused light, and a characteristic tube-shaped diffuser. The original Mod. 1063 design from 1954 featured a vertical fluorescent tube with a base that hosted an electromagnetic ballast. Flos lighting has re-edited this Italian modernist floor lamp with the latest LED technology which allows the floor lamp to be dimmed (a feature that was technologically impossible in the 1950s). The base of this new Sarfatti 1053 lamp now hides the LED dimming system and driver. Flos lighting engineers were able to replace the fluorescent neon light with a LED module with variable light temperature.

The Mod 1063 floor lamp by Flos features a slender aluminum tubular post in painted finish (light cream or black) with a long vertical slit that diffuses light. The minimalist "light tube post" is actually supported by steel canted braces that connect it to a box that rests on the floor. Not only does the box function as the lamp's weighted base but it also cleverly housed the electromagnetic ballast that supported the original function of Mod 1063's fluorescent tubular bulb. The fluorescent tube has been replaced with an LED strip; the box form was re-used to conceal the electronics that support the LED function. The original ballast box featured two visible screws; Flos was able to use their footprint to supplant the space they occupied with controls that allow the Mod 1063 floor lamp to be dimmed and the color temperature of the LED strip to be adjusted. This re-edition is available in a choice of black or cream white finish.

Italian engineer Gino Sarfatti started the Arteluce Company in 1939 and would go on to design over 700 lighting products–floor lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, and other light fittings–between the mid-1930s and early 1970s. His work at Arteluce effectively shaped the modern architectural movement in Italy and supported many of the mid-century designers including Franco Albini, Gianfranco Frattini, Sergio Asti, and Ico Parisi. Through his exploration and experimentation with new materials like Plexiglas, diverse production methodologies and techniques as well as light sources, such as halogen bulbs, Gino Sarfatti was a true innovator of Italian lighting and design.





Source · Light source

360 LED - 2500 lm max - CRI 90 - 57W [i]

réglage de l’intensité lumineuse et de la température · dimming and temperature


Matériaux · Materials

aluminium, acier · aluminum, steel


Poids · Weight 10 Kg