Marset Ginger M 20 USB / Ginger S / Ginger M

Marset Ginger M 20 USB / Ginger S / Ginger M

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Marque : Marset

Designer : Joan Gaspar  Barcelona, 1966

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Wood is a great ally of cozy lighting. It is a material that is hard to mold, a challenge that the Ginger collection neatly resolves. The combination of sheets of wood, paper and resins pressed together under high pressure achieves a laminate that appears almost entirely flat, which discreetly lights up spaces with indirect light.

The Ginger collection has been expanded over time to provide solutions to different lighting needs, and is available in pendant, table, wall, and floor lamp versions. This year, we are adding a new, smaller suspension lamp, a portable table lamp, another version of wall lamp with a movable arm, and three different sizes of flush-mount wall lamps. The latter boast extraordinary structural simplicity, and can be combined with each other to great effect.

Marset Ginger 20 M Portable Table Lamp.

This extraordinarily lightweight light disk pays tribute to the drums of Ginger Baker of Cream, the 1960’s rock band. Created from layers of wood and paper shaped under high pressure. The outcome is an aerial shade measuring just 4 mm thick with a white interior to reflect the light and a high-quality wood finish on the outside.

Thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the new portable table version of Ginger allows spaces to be lit independently with utter freedom, and with no need for wires.

Battery life: 5 hours in peak power, 10 hours in half power, 20 hours in a quarter power.


Marset Ginger M 20 : LED Chip 4W  2700K 546lm

Ginger S : Led smd 7.8W 700mA 2700K 1066lm inclus

Ginger M :  Led smd 15.4W 700mA 2700K 2130lm inclus