Wagashi Plafonnier Foscarini

Wagashi Plafonnier Foscarini

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Designer : Luca Nichetto & Massimo Gardone

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Description :

Poésie et fonctionnalité, des concepts apparemment éloignés l’un de l’autre, se fondent chez Wagashi, une applique ou un plafonnier en tissu ignifuge avec images photographiques dans les coloris blanc, noir, orange, jaune et dans le décorum wires.

Materiaux :Tissu


Grand: halogen energy saver 4x42  E27

Media: halogen energy saver 4x28  E14

Piccola: halogen energy saver 3x28  E14


The name already indicates this as Wagashi are artfully finished cakes of old Japanese tradition, existing in numerous versions all being inspired by the change of the seasons. The colours here are treated in the same way as they are soft at one place and intense at another. Massimo Gardone worked due to its artistic inspiration. These inspirations are combined to an interplay of nuances, brush strokes and contrasts on a neutral fabric emphasizing the nice and simple shapes even more which is typical of Luca Nichetto. The Foscarini Wagashi Grande consists of a metal frame covered by a piece of cloth which is printed via sublimation process. The body of the Wagashi is completely illuminated, thus, a unique lucent light exit is guaranteed.

Foscarini offers the Wagashi in three sizes, five colours and run by two different illuminants.