Discovery Suspension

Discovery Suspension

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Marque: Artemide

Designer: Ernesto Gismondi

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Discovery is an unprecedented development of a well-known optical principle. An ultra-light rounded aluminum rim hosts to a LED strip injecting light into a clear PMMA surface. It is a non-intrusive element that, utterly absent and immaterial, becomes perceptible when switched on, thanks to the light outlining its central emitting surface. Almost by magic, the inside changes from clear to full of light, absence turns into a perfect diffusing emitting surface. Direct and indirect emission produces an embracing and uniform light and ensuring perfect visual comfort.


  • Rounded rim in ultra-light aluminum
  • Diffuser in clear PMMA


  • Max Cable Length: 200 cm / 78.75 inch
  • Width: 70 cm / 27.6 inch


  • LED 50W 3000K >90 CRI
  • Integrated light source
  • Dimmable 2-Wire
  • Rim hosts a LED strip injecting light into a clear surface
  • Diffuser is transparent when off, filled with light when on