Ersa A1 / A2 / A3  suspension

Ersa A1 / A2 / A3 suspension

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Designer : William Brand

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Product Description

Dimensions: length 65cm, height 60cm, depth 55cm
Weight: 10kg
Colour: brass burnished
Material: steel
EU Fittings: 3 x E27

Finish in black matt, white matt, bronze, nickel, copper, brass, brass aged, brass burnished.
Options for the spheres are clear glass, iridescent glass or a bronze translucent glass.


Ersadesign by William Brand

Early morning, when the first light of day sends the darkness of the night away, we can see one of nature’s wonders on display: dew drops formed throughout the night.

Just as the change of temperature on a surface creates dew, also new finishes and materials are born under shifting conditions. The iridescence on our glass, leading to the gradual change of colour as the angle of view or illumination changes, radiates a stunning glow.

Ersa, named after the Greek goddess of dew, hints as much to the fresh-faced start of a new day as the thirst for free-spirited renewal. Both as a single object as well as assembled into a larger composition of multiple objects in, for example, a staircase.

William Brand (owner/ designer) graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands, where he was trained as an architect. The first lighting sculpture "Chandelier" became an instant icon. The passion for lighting sculptures results in an impressive collection, with yearly additions of new designs. As all the Brand van Egmond lighting sculptures are handmade, they are frequently asked to customise for specific clients and projects across the world.


BRAND VAN EGMOND  is a Dutch lighting design brand and an international trendsetter in exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting.
The brand and studio were founded in 1989 with the sole intension to create art without restraints.



As  lighting sculptures are handmade,  atelier can offer endless possibilities to customise