Block Watch Brass Leather

Block Watch Brass Leather

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Marque : Tom Dixon

Designer : Tom Dixon

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Block Watch Brass Leather

A watch made from the most minimal components.

The square case is stamped from a block of brass with a Swiss movement. The dial is deep etched with the numerals that point precisely at the time makers, encased in a crystal lens to protect. Each watch is laser etched with its own unique number. No more no less. 


The result is Block Watch, which features a square case stamped out of stainless steel or brass. The watch face is circular, with etched numerals and markers. The watch's hour, minute and second hands are powered by a high-quality Swiss movement.


"I tend to try and work out what I can strip out without losing character," says Dixon, explaining his design philosophy. "A watch has really got to be round if it's analogue, because the hands sweep round. I wanted to make sure you could tell the time - because with all too many contemporary watches you can't tell what time it is. And I wanted to set it in a square because the strap has to go to a square anyway."


The watch is available in either stainless steel or rose gold (plated) with matching mesh straps, or in brass with a chunky brown leather strap.

The mesh strap is inspired by vintage TV detective Kojak, Dixon says. "It's got this chain link bracelet, which I guess is a reference to when I was growing up - Kojak, maybe."

He adds: "It's just the minimal elements you need to make a watch all reduced to their bare essentials and, I hope, still expressive enough to be something you want to buy."